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Lumia 640 lte windows 10. Update software

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Lumia 640 lte windows 10

But I am on the fence about Windows 10 vs Windows 8. The best cheap phone. I am totally satisfied with this phone.


Microsoft Lumia LTE – Full phone specifications.One moment, please


The device has the latest software if the information under New Software Specifications matches the current update details. Did you get the help you needed? We’re so glad we could help. What worked? Anything we can improve? Submit Cancel. In reply to A. User’s post on February 10, Not working for me – I have recover my Lumia XL. Then, after Upgrade Advisor told me that my device can be upgraded and I should go to Settings – Upgrade Upgrade told me that there no more support for the Windows 8.

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Is anyone even remotely surprised by this anymore? Oops, accidentally ‘reported’ your post hit wrong icon on phone screen – sorry, mods. Back on topic, if they let users be Insiders on the branch for next Spring and then we get to fall back to two more years of production on that branch then I’ll be very happy. I’m not optimisic for ‘RS4’ though, we may just all get monthlies from now on. I got fall creators update righg now in Lumia and Lumia I don’t get why they are dropping support for more devices yet updates are only bug fixes and not feature updates.

How did you enable your to get the update? I have a and I’ve tried both the fast and slow ring, and I’m currently at OS build: Try to leave the insider program and you possibly will get It is not a FCU, but have all the security updates in it.

Thank you for the tip. I’ll give it a try. Not surprised, but was hopeful. I’ll use it until it dies Then we’ll see. One more thing Balmer, and Nadella, are both shortsighted, and full of It. Bite Me. Additional features development will not continue.

Therefore, in my opinion, there is no reason to not be on Fast Insider. They would love for you to do that. They have all of their apps on iPhone. IP7 is awesome, and 6s is amazing value used market , just might run into lower battery life issues on the 6s considering 2 years old.

Lol there are a lot of hardcore windows mobile fanboys here getting offended by users wanting to jump over to another platform. I’m wondering the same thing ,I guess they like being mislead. I am running the Fall Creators Update on my Lumia I run it on the Fast ring and it is fine.

Next to drop if there is another update for Mobile will be the ‘s. It is a pure time and age of devices thing. Microsoft devices from are being dropped while Apple and Google update their devices for at least 3 years, if not 5.

Apple is 5 years for sure If things go unstable, you’re all completely on your own, right? I mean, no more updates of any kind? We have a four lumia in my family , and I decided never buy anything from Microsoft!

No more love! Which phone is in your mind after Lumia? Another gold star to be added to Nadella’s legacy. Whatever this feat. I have both the and the xl. I’m stuck with them because they have no market value so I can’t get rid of them. They’ve got progressively worse with every update to the point where they freeze in most apps. Investing in tech these days is quite a gamble but more so with Microsoft. This technique of dropping devices will come to PCs and laptops as well.

Right now only some Atom powered laptops got axed but in the next couple of years I expect the flood gates to open. Try a reset and see if they a better after that.

Much cheaper than buying an iPod touch. I’ve done countless resets. I even sent them back because they are under warranty. All I got were some freebies like screen protectors and microsoft cases but no fix.

My still works fine but it’s time to move on I think. Picked up a unlocked moto g5 plus and will be using it by the end of the month. Not a big Google fan but Is lumia is able to receive fall creators update.

Absolutely not as non-insider user. Isn’t it void the warranty or make mobile unstable? Actually it improves performance and solve bugs. Finally kill it There won’t be So what else is new? Microsoft routinely abandons it’ customer base, the one’s who took a chance on Microsoft. I am not sure about that. I have had 5 years of use out of my Surface RT. I still have my that is working fine and my daily driver is humming along at near 2 years old with 2 more years of support still to come.

My has had 5 updates of Windows 10 Mobile in less than 2 years. I didn’t know there was a Fall Creators Update for mobile. I thought it was a feature update,not RS3. Make up my damn mind already! Thanks to WinCen then! Windows 10 fall creature update Lumia release date. My Lumia xl died months ago. It stopped logging into my outlook account, then I had to do a factory wipe with the desktop software. It took my phone back to 8. It sits in a box looking pretty and gathering dust.

The problem is there is not enough of a user base to carry supporting the older phones. Also people were holding onto their phones longer. Had m people bought a high end Lumia each year then things would be different. Apple have customers that will upgrade ever year regardless. Microsoft do not have that. They could have been in the position Apple is in now but unfortunately it was not to be.

Sorry mate. If it were a no name brand that might fly but it’s Microsoft. They should respect their customers. In some cases Google gave free Pixels to unlucky Nexus customers I do know lots of people still using an no longer supported iPhone 4, 5 and 5c. Just because a phone is not supported does not mean it is going to stop working. I have a Nokia N8 that still works. I could stick a SIM in it and use it. Same with my Surface RT. I spent 28k Rs on my xl now they do this!!

You know how many great android phones i could have got for that price?! Im still using this phone. But not any more. Stayed a loyal user all these years in this love hate relationship. Don’t be a sentimental user. So please tell me a better looking notification center and “close all apps” are coming! If it is true im keeping my MS has been already thinking about it. Wait for an official announcement!

I’m LXL user, but not feeling any better than you about this. From where did you buy it? I got my after launch for k and my friend got XL for around 17k. This is ridiculous. There is only apps support for Android and iOS users.

Ah the ‘s The first phones MS designed for W10M Now no longer supported by W10M. Frigging sad MS. Lm The ‘s are low end devices with limited storage. They came with Windows Phone 8. MS shave wound down Windows 10 Mobile so do not expect updates other than monthly security patches going forward.

Yes a full windows 10 on ARM with lots of new bugs and no 3rd party apps. What gives? Funny thing is since I have upgraded my to the Fall Creators Update notifications have started working with th WC app. They never worked before. No, you received an update to the app that fixed that. Nothing negative coming from Microsoft comes as a surprise.

Since Windows 10 Mobile is now on the featureless2 almost dead maintenance release cycle with no prospect of a new feature they should just let anyone have the updates at this point. At least allow it with the caveat it may not work.

I’m rocking Nokia 8 and i be getting Android 8 and Android 9 wen its out. Saw this coming. How’s the Nokia 8? I’m thinking about getting a Copper one. I am in the UK and we are supported. The phone is a decent all rounder. It is fast, battery life is OK I am hard on batteries and it makes me through a day most days. Headphone sound is plenty loud enough for me and the speaker is OK for podcasts although I wouldn’t use it for music.

Wifi and cellular connectivity are the same as all the recent phones I have used this year Lenovo P2, Honor 8, Galaxy S7E and Lumia and bluetooth, thank the lord, has been great. So as you can see it ticks a lot of the boxes. Couple that with fast updates and a clean build of Android you can easily load with all your Microsoft favourites then I think you have a better alternative to the OP5 as the Android phone W10M users should choose.

The bothie mode is just a gimmick. I make it 2. IMO, security updates and support for 3. What diff does it make now since they’re no longer adding anything to W10M? Having gotten an older Android phone I still prefer the underlying functionality of Windows Phone. Good thing i sold my Lumia a long time ago.

All i have now is just my Lumia Though even when the time comes that this phone gets no update. Im keeping it only cause its a great phone. RIP my Lumia I’ve been flirting with the idea of getting an android phone for a while now. Blasphemy, I know but needs must when the devil drives I guess. I’m going to give it a try and just come back when the surface phone of my dreams becomes a reality. I was really hoping to have 3d scanning on my phone though.

It would have been great with my 3d printer, and a MR headset, oh well. What an idiots Microsoft. WM should no exist in the first place. No backward compatibility, low apps, low api, ignore customer and lame decisions they make so many times. So for this time; please stop doing this or if you does not care mobile anymore, sold to someone who can handle better or make small size of Windows 10 for use on phone instead. Microsoft giving the big FU to all of its customers.

As expected and they will so end support for remaining model in next update. I just don’t get it. Announcements like this, and we get the ‘I’m keeping my Lumia whatever’, ‘my is the best device ever’, ‘I love those live tiles’. It promised so much, yet delivered only a partially finished buggy OS that barely anyone bought into.

MS saw the writing on the wall a long time ago, yet played the game, and you all fell for it. The OS is going nowhere other than down the toilet. Services are being canned, updates dropped. The problem is, if MS launched another half-finished phone next week, many here would buy it, wasting yet more time and money. Just move on FFS. MS don’t care about you. Sorry mate, but that’s how MS fanboys behave. We spent money on the phone. MS is forced by law to support the newest phones until end of It is getting full value for the money spent.

After that Well let us see what the market offers. I literally use 10 3rd party apps, and only about 5 of them frequently. Everything else is an internal Microsoft App or done through the Edge Browser. If Microsoft starts pulling their own apps enmass That’s not to say I’m pleased with the direction Microsoft is taking I’m not at all In the meantime, the phones are useful.

Some of the built in apps are good Maps is good at driving directions, the Calculator App is good at Conversions, Groove is now good People here take flogging a dead horse to whole new level. It’s cringey as hell. And it keeps getting better and better Resetting the device made OS come out at 4. Works great, gets me Windows, and is slightly cheaper than an iPhone I had a lumia xl and just switched to an android phone 2 weeks ago so it feels like dodging the bullet.

Even tough i knew this was gonna happen. I have earned my living for the last 25 years supporting Windows. I am still bitter the isn’t supported by new updates, Microsoft really knows how to hurt people. Not many phones use their OS and they keep shaving those who do, it’s just stupid.

They killed themselves. Agreed on all. So, I’ve shifted to android in the right time. Lumia to G5 Plus Just a 2 days ago Have you sold l? No, I gave it to my father He only uses it for phone calls Moto G5 is top of my list so far, is the camera OK? It’s not about megapixels – the is ‘only’ 10, or 8 in mode, but the excellent Nokia image processing delivered good results.