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Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and http://replace.me/6141.txt knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I try to install weblogic 01.3 also i download files but i dont know how to install weblogic fro these files for windows 10 64 bit. It depends on what are you looking по ссылке. From Official Oracle Middleware Downloads :.

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Oracle By Mahendra: Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 () Installation on Windows (bit)


The user account you use when installing WebLogic Server is important. Please review the following information before deciding which user account to use:. On Windows systems, if you want the option to create the Start menu shortcuts in the All Users folder, or in the Local User’s Start menu folder, you must use an account that has administrator privileges when you log in to the target system.

See Administrator Privileges, for more information. This ensures that WebLogic Server file permissions will be set properly during installation. Use the following command:. You must enter this command in the same terminal window from which you plan to run the WebLogic Server installer. If you are using a. Make sure that you are installing your product on a supported hardware or software configuration.

You cannot reinstall a product on top of a previously installed version of the same product, either in the same Middleware home directory or in the same file location. You can, however, add products and product components to an existing installation. To reinstall the same version of a product, however, you must first uninstall the previous installation, as described in Chapter 7, “Uninstalling the Software. You can also install patches to an existing installation using an Upgrade installer or Smart Update.

For example, you can use a WebLogic Server If you are adding components to an existing installation of WebLogic Server, you should shut down any running servers before starting the installation. The installation program uses a temporary directory into which it extracts the files that are needed to install the software on the target system.

During the installation process, your temporary directory must contain sufficient space to accommodate the compressed Java Run-time Environment JRE bundled with the installation program and an uncompressed copy of the JRE that is expanded into the temporary directory.

The extracted files are deleted from the temporary directory after the installation process. The files in the temporary directory require approximately 2. To make sure that you have adequate temporary space, you may want to allocate an alternate directory for this purpose. To do so, follow the instructions provided in Table If you run the installation program from the command line, include the -Djava.

For example, to set up the temporary directory while running the WebLogic Server Package installer for Windows, execute this command:. Here, tmpdirpath is the full path of the directory you want to designate as a temporary storage area for the installation program. All users registered on the machine are provided with access to the installed software. Subsequently, if users without administrator privileges use the Configuration Wizard from this installation to create WebLogic domains, Start menu shortcuts to the domains are not created.

In this case, users can manually create shortcuts in their local Start menu folders, if desired. Other users registered on this machine do not have access to the Start menu entries for this installation. If a user without administrator privileges installs the software, the Start menu entries are created in the user’s local Start menu folder.

Start and stop server instances—both Administration Servers and Managed Servers—remotely. Automatically restart servers that have the “failed” health state, or have shut down unexpectedly due to a system crash or reboot.

To install the Node Manager Windows Service during an initial installation, you must select a Custom installation. For more information, refer to the chapter that is appropriate for the type of installation you are performing:. If you do not install the service during the initial installation, you can install it after installation using the installNodeMgrSvc.

You can also uninstall it at any time using the uninstallNodeMgrSvc. The following illustration shows the basic Middleware home and Middleware products directory structure.

Additional directories and files are also located in the Middleware home directory, as described in Table When you install WebLogic Server, you are prompted to specify a Middleware home directory. This directory serves as a repository for common files that are used by multiple Fusion Middleware products installed on the same machine. For this reason, the Middleware home directory can be considered a central support directory for all the Fusion Middleware products installed on your system.

The files in the Middleware home directory are essential to ensuring that WebLogic Server operates correctly on your system. They facilitate checking of cross-product dependencies during installation. When you are installing WebLogic Server, you are prompted to choose an existing Middleware home directory or specify a path to create a new Middleware home directory.

If you choose to create a new directory, the installation program automatically creates it for you. Consider the following information when creating the Middleware home directory and installing Fusion Middleware products:. Do not include spaces in the name of your Middleware home directory. You can install only one instance of each version of a WebLogic Server product in a single Middleware home directory.

If you need to maintain separate versions of WebLogic Server on the same machine, each version must be in its own Middleware home directory. For example, you can install only one instance of the current version of WebLogic Server in a Middleware home directory, but you can have an earlier version of WebLogic Server in a separate Middleware home directory. If the home directory is not empty and it does not contain registry.

For home directory selection task—Middleware home directory is not empty. Proceed with installation? For product installation directory selection task—One or more installation directories are not empty. The directories in the Middleware home directory vary depending on the installer that you are using and the products you selected for installation. For example, the WebLogic Server installer creates the directories and files listed in the following table if you have selected all the components for installation.

This directory contains the software for the Sun JDK if it is installed with your software. This directory contains a history file, which has information about installation and uninstallation for the Middleware home directory. This directory contains utilities that are used to support the installation of all products installed in this home directory.

This registry file contains a persistent record of all WebLogic products installed on the target system. This registry contains product-related information, such as version number, patch set level, patch level, and location of the product installation directories.

It also contains the name of the installed JDK s and the Java home. Note: Do not edit this file manually. Doing so may cause operating problems for the currently installed WebLogic products, or result in installation problems when future products or maintenance upgrades are installed.

This registry file contains the location of all domains currently registered with this WebLogic Server installation. Whenever you add a new domain, it is registered in this file. You may want to create all domains for your environment outside of the Middleware home directory.

This makes it easier for you to remove an existing installation, or upgrade to a newer version of WebLogic Server, without having to recreate your domains and applications.

Although in most situations, a single Middleware home directory is sufficient, it is possible to create more than one Middleware home directory. For example, you need to maintain multiple Middleware home directories in the following situations:.

You prefer to maintain separate development and production environments, with a separate product stack for each. With two directories, you can update your development environment without modifying the production environment until you are ready to do so.

You want to maintain two different versions of WebLogic Server at the same time. For example, you may want to install a new version of WebLogic Server while keeping your existing version of WebLogic Server intact.

In this case, you must install each WebLogic Server version in its own Middleware home directory. After installation, the shared modules directory would contain multiple versions of one or more of the same third-party products.

On the Choose Product Installation Directories screen of the installation program, you are prompted to enter the home directories for the following products:. The WebLogic Server home directory contains all the WebLogic Server components that you choose to install on your system, including program files and examples. The default installation directory for WebLogic Server Graphical-mode installation is an interactive, GUI-based method for installing your software.

Console-mode installation is an interactive, text-based method for installing your software from the command line, on either a UNIX system or a Windows system. Silent-mode installation is a non-interactive method of installing your software. You use an XML properties file to specify the installation options. You can run silent-mode installation from either a script or from the command line. Oracle WebLogic Run the Oracle WebLogic Open a Command window with Run as Administrator option and run this command from the prompt:.

This registration will enable you to be informed of security issues. In this guide, it is assumed you select the Typical installation type, which installs the Oracle WebLogic If the above screen does display because you are not running the installer as an Administrator , on Choose Shortcut Location, click this radio button:. On Installation Complete, ensure the Run Quickstart check box is selected in order to launch to the Quickstart menu so that you can create your Domain. The QuickStart menu is displayed.

Refer to the next section in this guide entitled: Section 6. You can use QuickStart to create a starter domain using the Configuration Wizard. If you selected the Run Quickstart check box on the Installation Complete menu of the installer, QuickStart is automatically launched. On Welcome, click this radio button to create an Oracle WebLogic Generate a domain configured automatically to support the following products.

Open a Command window with Run as Administrator option and run this command from the prompt:. On Choose Product Installation Directories, verify the directory locations for the previously selected products and components. On the Welcome panel of the Upgrade Wizard, review and complete the tasks listed in the Prerequisites section of the above screen.

When the Prerequisite tasks are complete, click the Next button. For example:.


Weblogic 10.3 5 for windows 64 bit. PORTABLE Install Weblogic 10.3.6 64Bit Using JDK 7, Configure Forms Reports 11gR2 On Wind


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