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Jan 07,  · Just installed the complete suite CC on my brand new computer. The driver for my Nvidia K is the most recent one. I have nothing else on my computer than Resolve 11 and Adobe CC (Premiere,Bridge,AE,Photoshop 64bit and SpeedGrade). Jun 20,  · Photoshop CC stops working on startup (video card driver) I am using a 2-year old desktop computer running Windows 7 OS. I had the trial of Photoshop CC for one month and it . Jun 16,  · the above filename was what appeared to be crashing Photoshop CC My solution was to install Service Pack 1 for Windows 7. For anyone having similar crash problems, and do not have SP1 installed, first un-install CC, then install SP1, then re-install CC

Photoshop CC crashes on launch or exit | Windows – Choose your region

Solved: Hi, I have tried all day to install Photoshop CC and still no luck (Lightroom CC installed just fine). It gets to 42%. Fixes for Photoshop stopped working · Method 1. Rename and change replace.me file to fix Adobe Photoshop not working · Method 2. Put a Tilda.


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Wed, Jun 17, PM. Official Solution. Photoshop CC Has stopped working windows. Photoshop CC has stopped working. Photoshop failure after update to CC Photoshop CC Crashing on launch with scripting support errors. Adobe Photoshop Family.

After that Photoshop and Illustrator ‘have stopped working’ when i load them up. Windows Version 8. Graphics card AMD Radeon x2. Updated last version. No crash log, only windows event log. I have already contacted the indian support guys, but they were not that helpfull and just plain rude but I will make a written complaint for that also.

They made me create a new ‘admin’ user on my system and all should work, well thats just a bogus solution. This update was issued by Adobe and this has nothing to do with userdata. I cant create new users every time software updates, this should be tested by Adobe.

I uninstalled, used the cleaner tool, cleaned registry , reinstalled still the same bug. So please fix this!! Like Comment Follow. Responses Official Solution. This should be solved by the CC We need to see the detailed crash report, from the system event viewer, or reliability reports. If a new admin user works, then the error is most likely in bad preferences Photoshop’s or the OS.

Naam van toepassing met fout: Photoshop. Noonetheless, this needs to be fixed. I’m having the same problem as Jimmy; in fact, it’s happened to me four times in just the last hour! In addition, after restart, the welcome screen is sometimes blank. I also had similar problems, at first, opening up InDesign; at one point, it wouldn’t open due to me not having any privileges with folders, or something like that. Now, it appears that issue has fixed itself and I have no trouble turning it on.

Now I wonder if I can do anything about it. Anyone with better luck? I cleaned registry, only new profile seems to work I aint gonna create new user every time Adobe brings out a patch so please look into this!

Hi guys, I spent a little time investigating this issue. Here is a blog post with a solution work around that gets Photoshop back up and running. For those not interested in heading out there, here is a direct bit of info: So, here is a temporary fix while we wait for Adobe to properly fix the issue.

Thnx Corne, this fixed for me, so as i stated it was obvious it had to do with the roaming data. I am glad youhave the solution.

This worked for me Absolute pleasure! Oh my god! Thank you! I thought I’d be lost without it! Thank for posting your resolution to this problem. Worked like a charm!! Ran program with no issues. That also resolved the issue for me. Renaming it caused CC to populate it and more importantly, run PS. Thanks for the tip, but I still wonder what’s the root cause and permanent correction.

Absolute pleasure guys! Worked for me. Many thanks. Ah, spoke too soon. Photoshop CC opened, but crashed when I tried to open a jpg file. Any jpg file. And again. I had renamed the file while allowed the program to open, but not to function.

I then renamed it back to the original and lo and behold, a working Photoshop. Thank you. Thanks again. Just deleted it after I deleted the app itself and now redownloading it, hope they fix this asap for the money I’m dishing out to use it on a contract like basis. There is no longer a need to follow those instructions – just install the Photoshop updates that fix the issue. I just got the Adobe cc account and installed photoshop last week. I was never able to successfully open photoshop because of this same error “Adobe Photoshop CC has stopped working” I attempted to rename the librarylookupfile and also moved it to my desktop, and nothing worked.

I uninstalled it and just now re-installed it and am getting the same message on start up. Can someone please assist? That sounds like a different problem — please post a new topic with your system details and the crash report details.

I have the same problem. Very frustrating. No functionality inside Photoshop CC. Menu choices all there, but nothing happens when I click on them I tried deleting the librarylookupfile file and restart the app but nothing changed. I can get into the application but nothing is functional. Same problem but here’s a clue. I have two licensed copies of CC , thus two copies of PS The ctrl-alt-shift trick to delete the preference file doesn’t work.

AfterEffects and Premiere Pro work fine. Also, the shift-Click to start PS without plugins also doesn’t work. So it’s either the NVidia driver or PS causing the problem. I don’t want to downgrade to cc, but might have to, or keep using the other PC.

I just tried rolling back the NVidia graphics card driver from latest That did not solve the problem. PS CC still won’t start. So I have to say the problem lies on Adobe’s side. I am having the same problem with Photoshop CC crashing on startup. I do not have the librarylookupfile on my PC. I did an uninstall and reinstall and still have the same problem. We are looking into this issue.

I am having the same issue. I have tried all of the fixes, repeatedly. Now it doesn’t. Extremely frustrated! I am on Windows 7, my graphics card is supported according to Adobe. I have unchecked it anyway.

I repeatedly try to open PS and after about the 20th or so try, it will remain open and function. That is how I have been doing since installing last week. Major glich Adobe! I hope this is a priority issue as there seem to be a number of people having the problem. This is but just one thread of many!